Warfield Parish Council
Warfield Parish Council
The Parish Council is pleased to announce communication via Twitter and Facebook. Our Communications Strategy Committee is currently reviewing the Parish Council website with a view to replacing it.

The Parish of Warfield lies to the north of Bracknell, Berkshire. Bracknell Forest Borough Council was formed as a Unitary Authority following the dissolution of the Berkshire County Council.

The Parish Council comprises thirteen elected members.

Warfield is a semi-rural Parish, made up of 13 settlements (Hayley Green, Warfield Street, Jealotts Hill, Moss End, Newell Green, Nuptown, Warfield Park, West End, Hawthorn Hill, Brockhill, Whitegrove, Quelm Park and Lawrence Hill). The northern part of the Parish is within the Green Belt. There is a substantial area of open rural countryside north of the new settlement areas.

Warfield was originally a Saxon settlement and is recorded in the Doomsday Book. The village was on a main route from the West Country to London and as such prospered with the various small hamlets clustered around the church.

Today the centre of the Parish, such as it is, has moved away from the church. The population now spreads from the new developments in the south of the Parish to the rural area of Nuptown.

The population of the Parish continues to grow. In 1991 it was 1794 and in 2000 it was 9050. A further 2200 houses are proposed for 2016.
Contact Information
OfficeJanis Harding - Parish Council Clerk
Sheila Collings - Deputy Clerk

Warfield Parish Council
7 County Lane
RG42 3JP
Tel/Fax: 01344 457777

E-Mail: clerk@warfieldparishcouncil.org.uk
Twitter: @WarfieldPC
Facebook: www.facebook.com/WarfieldPC

The Council hold regular meetings in the Parish Office to which any residents are welcome to attend. The Parish Office is open Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Please don’t hesitate to call in and see the Clerk, Janis Harding, should you wish to discuss anything. Green waste recycling sacks are also available for purchase.
Tel/Fax: 01344 457777 | E-Mail: clerk@warfieldparishcouncil.org.uk  
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