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Sir Charles Brownlow lived in Warfield Hall from 1890 until his death in 1916. However, his beloved wife Georgina predeceased him in 1912 and he decided to give away his money in various gifts to the Parish of Warfield.

The hall, built with these funds, was actually only constructed after his death, but was dedicated to his memory.

In 1943 the Brownlow Hall Trust was handed over to the Oxford Board of Finance and was registered as an Ecclesiastical Charity. Originally the hall was a meeting place for the temperance society and the full sized snooker table was much in demand. However, after the Great War and subsequently the advent of television, the requirements for the hall changed and so in 1954 the snooker table, the stuffed birds and Sir Charles' other paraphernalia were carted away and the hall was used for a much broader section of Warfield Society.

Since 1954 regular funds have been spent on the building, with generous contributions from the Borough and Parish Councils and others. However, over the last few years there has been a feeling that the building needed to be substantially redeveloped in order to serve the Warfield community into the 21st century.

In 2000 Warfield Parish Council took a 25 year lease from the Brownlow Memorial Ecclesiastical Trustees, and appointed architects, Allen Associates of Bracknell to design a building which would sweep away the old features of the building but still serve its original function as a community hall for the residents of Warfield. Funding was raised in a long-term loan from Bracknell Forest Borough Council.

The beautiful building is therefore the result of Sir Charles' generosity of more than 100 years ago and the vision of today's Parish Council.
The Brownlow Hall is situated in its own grounds in Newell Green, Warfield, RG42 6AB and is well sign posted from all the main local junctions. It has parking for at least 45 cars.

There is a main hall, an adjoining kitchen and four meeting rooms, all of which can be hired separately, subject to availability or as a whole.

We show below the size of each room, and as a guide only, the approximate capacity.

Size (metres)
The Main Hall
8.2 x 17.3
2.5 x 4.5
Green Room
4.5 x 6.0
Rose Room
3.4 x 5.8
Blue Room
5.5 x 6.0

The presentation column shows the seating capacity of the rooms laid out facing one direction to listen to a speaker, and the second column the capacity seated around tables. All sizes are an average, to take into account the various curves.

There is a well-equipped kitchen, which is available to all hirers for tea and sandwich making. It may be hired separately for general catering purposes. The kitchen is equipped with:

Fridge, cooker, microwave, electric kettle, hot water boiler, 100 cups, saucers, plates, teapots, cutlery etc.

There are 132 folding chairs on trolleys, 16 x 5' tables and 15 x 3' tables. There is also a fire blanket and first aid kit.

There is a hearing loop for the hard of hearing.

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Main Entrance Hall and Rose Room
Main Entrance Hall
& Rose Room
Blue Room
Blue Room
Front Entrance Hall
Front Entrance Hall
The Main Hall
The Main Hall
Green Room
Green Room
The Kitchen
The Kitchen
For more information, and bookings, contact:

Janis Harding

Warfield Parish Council Office,

Phone and Fax : 01344 457777

E-mail: clerk@warfieldparishcouncil.org.uk

This office is open 9.30 am to 12.30 pm Monday to Thursday

The Brownlow Hall is managed by Warfield Parish Council.
We hope that you enjoy using the Brownlow Hall, but would like to remind you of a few important matters.
  1. We insure all our own property and have third party liability up to £2 million. However, this does not cover Hirers' effects nor their third party liability. It is essential that all Hirers have their own insurance cover.
  2. It is expected that you will leave the building in the same condition that you found it. Charges have not been calculated to include additional cleaning after your function and another booking may follow quite quickly after yours. If the Trustees do have to pay for extra cleaning or for extra caretakingthere will be an additional charge.
  3. Your setting up and clearing away time is to be included within the times stated on the hire agreement.
  4. The finish time stated on the hiring agreement is the time at which you and all the members of your party should vacate the premises. This includes the car park and grounds. Running late causes problems for the caretaker and involves extra cost.
  5. All music must stop in the building by 11.30 pm and the hall vacated by midnight.
  6. Priority for bookings will be given to residents in the local community.
  7. Hirers may not sell tickets for discotheques, parties or dances without previously making the Parish Council aware of their intention to do so.
  8. All functions must be supervised adequately.
  9. The Parish Council must be made aware in advance if it is proposed that alcohol be consumed on the premises. If alcohol is sold a Temporary Events Notice will be required. This is obtained from Bracknell Forest Borough Council.
  10. Smoking is NOT permitted in the building.
  11. Please do not use sticky tape or drawing pins on any of the walls or woodwork.
  12. Helium/gas balloons and smoke machines upset the alarm system and must not be used.
Agreement forms and full details of terms and conditions are available from the Parish Office.
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